004: Entering the Dark Cloud with Joel Jensen-Heath

004: Entering the Dark Cloud with Joel Jensen-Heath

I catch up with my good friend Joel Jensen-Heath. He’s an illustrator and musician from the Bay. You may have seen his work for Safety Propaganda or Deep Roots Radio. He and I also collaborated on the Pyr Zine.

As with a most of our phone calls we cover a lot of ground from the progressive push to a post-human goo, misconceptions of Good vs Evil, toxic Wholesome Culture in the church, and how he found God.

  • [“Gon’ Rain”- Steve Reich’s “It's Gonna Rain” x 3wi1fe's “ˢᵉᶜʳᵉᵗ ᵐⁱˣ”]

  • 00:11 — The Occult, Applied Sciences & California

  • 00:31 — Duality vs Trinitarianism Views

  • 00:44 — Preternatural technology

  • 00:54 — Church-Friendly Music, CCM Deconstruction & Wholesome Culture

  • 01:04 — Joel’s return to faith

  • [“We’re Complex Piss” - The Shadow Ring]

  • 01:24 — Darkness in faith

  • 01:37 — Who has access to the supernatural?

  • 01:55 — Joel shares a paranormal experience

  • [“Prayer” - Loren Connors]

About Joel

Joel Jensen-Heath is an illustrator and musician from the San Francisco Bay Area. As an illustrator his work has a diverse catalogue including executing a mural for now defunct Huertas NYC, illustrating the layout for Safety Propaganda, Ehret Vineyards's Deep Roots Radio, Syracuse University, Pyr Zine (as well as co-creating), and countless bands. 

Outside of his work as an illustrator he has played in many bands including Advertising (Brooklyn, NYC), Total Heat (Los Angeles, CA) Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of) as well as sharing bills with the likes of Boy Harsher, Deerhoof, Mitski, Gitane DeMone (Christian Death), Gary Wilson, Spiritualized, and many more. 

He is currently working on a serialized comic entitled 'Morning Stars" which has appeared in issue 1 of Pyr. His interests include mystical toponymy, high strangeness, Christian mysticism, holistic nutrition, and researching alternative history. 



As always, this is a casual conversation in which we'll most likely misstate things or get some things wrong. Whenever anyone talks about GOD, always be like the Bereans and DYOR.

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