005: Inverting the Apocalypse with Dwarr

005: Inverting the Apocalypse with Dwarr

I had a lot of fun talking with Duane Warr of the heavy metal project, Dwarr. Duane is warrior in the army of God and his love for serving Christ is evident through his retelling of a dozen great stories from his degen days, missionary trips, making of his albums and Drag City reissues, tour with Black Bananas, and his plans for a comeback. Hope you enjoy our conversation.

  • [Dwarr - Are You Real?]

  • 00:07 — Duane’s upbringing

  • 00:26 — Duane finds God

  • 00:38 — God tells Duane to write “Ode to Lucifer”

  • 00:41 — Church stories (prophecy, healing, having his hair cut)

  • 00:50 — Duane shares his favorite Spanish hymns & why he still plays music from his “lost years”

  • 01:00 — Making of the Holy Ones & Times of Terror albums

  • 01:12 — Touring with Black Bananas

  • 01:18 — Next season for Duane

  • 01:28 — Benediction

  • [Voces Divinas - Grandes Eres Tú]



As always, this is a casual conversation in which we'll most likely misstate things or get some things wrong. Whenever anyone talks about GOD, always be like the Bereans and DYOR.

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