002 Ariel Pink on Finding GOD

002 Ariel Pink on Finding GOD

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Ariel Rosenberg aka Ariel Pink (

) and I talk about how he found GOD and jump in and out of different rabbit trails and a few dropped calls. The first part of our discussion was recorded live on Twitter Spaces (@GODPILLED777) and second part over a private phone call. 

  • [Intro: "Smol Beginnings" — dj kingdom hearts]

  • 00:09 — John’s revelation [Talking about the book of Revelation but kept referring to it as the book of John]

  • 00:41 — Cancelling time [I incorrectly thought Ariel was talking about Constantine but was most likely talking about Dionysius Exiguus]

  • 00:52 — Don't need to pay anything or sign anything [I incorrectly say Israel was recognized as a nation in 1946 when it was 1948]

  • 01:03 — How Ariel worships

  • 01:12 — How Ariel found God

  • ["Time to Meet Your God" — Ariel Pink]

  • 01:39 — What makes Ariel's relationship with Jesus unique

  • 01:45 — Prayer

  • [Outro: "Smol Beginnings" — dj kingdom hearts]

As always, this is a casual conversation in which we'll most likely misstate things or get some things wrong (as minimally addressed above). Whenever anyone talks about GOD, always be like the Bareans and DYOR.


Welcome to GODPILLED, a discussion with artists, thinkers, fringe twitter people on how they found GOD, why they’re interested in GOD, and the projects they're working on that either honor or pull inspiration from GOD.
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