003: Escaping the Maelström with Zac Davis

003: Escaping the Maelström with Zac Davis

Zac Davis and I cover a lot of ground bouncing between the death of culture and the rise of faith. Zac is a deeply spiritual person and an amazing experimental noise musician known for his insane number of projects including Lambsbread, Clearance, RFID, and collaborations with artists like James Ferraro, Thurston Moore, and many others.

  • [Intro: “.” — Clearance]

  • 00:03 — Zac’s Anglican upbringing and return to it

  • 00:12 — McLuhan’s approach to faith

  • [Evensong performed at the Epiphany Parish of Seattle recorded on phone by Tyler Everett]

  • 00:16 — Grace for the tradcath’s LARP-until-you-make-it strategy

  • 00:23 — Not making devotional drone music yet; ambient pads at church

  • 00:36 — Talking about Red Bull Music Academy like it’s 2016; the 2016-2018 art depression; making music for machines

  • [“A2” — Zac Davis]

  • 00:50 — Re-enchantment

  • 01:04 — What Zac’s been meditating on

  • 01:14 — Closing prayer

  • [“Glacial Rain” — Sky Juice]



As always, this is a casual conversation in which we'll most likely misstate things or get some things wrong. Whenever anyone talks about GOD, always be like the Bareans and DYOR.

Welcome to GODPILLED, a discussion with artists, thinkers, fringe twitter people on how they found GOD, why they’re interested in GOD, and the projects they're working on that either honor or pull inspiration from GOD.
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